Sunday, 3 June 2012

Metric Exhibition Dock St Market Leeds

A Celebration of Original Art, Illustration, Print and Design by pioneering British artists.

House of Cards: Piece Created for the Metric Exhibition

The last Jubilee holds no real memories for myself. 
However, I was later to learn that the Punk scene had exploded in the U.K 
and was thought to be more of a threat to society, than Communism at the time. 
With this in mind, I have based my work on the culture of gangs and how these 
used fashion items to identify their allegiance. The gang patch or colour 
has been used throughout many scenes, ranging from designed emblems to types of clothing. 
Using fashion styles from around 1977, I hope to portray that era and 
bring some colour to this diamond weekender. 
The jackets on display have been influenced by these traditions in gang culture 
and depict the royal court or cards. 
Suggesting, we never really know what hand we’ll be dealt with next.

Thanks to Soph for the photographs below.