Monday, 11 June 2007

Punk: A Directory of Modern Subversive Culture

Publication including the I.D:EALISTIC project

What is contemporary punk culture and how are those that practise it attempting to define their generation? We are all aware of the clich├ęs of the leather clad and mohawked figure spitting and snarling into the camera. It has been seen a thousand times on TV, in the press and even on London's souvenir postcards. This is the image that, while once feared by conservative societies across the globe, has become a cartoon or pastiche of itself. Rendered harmless by the corporate flogging of its music, style and art, in its previous state it can no longer be classed as a subversive movement. However, punk and its core values have survived. In most ways it has morphed and evolved into something unrecognisable as its former self but the spirit lives on. This book attempts express the very nature of modern punk by looking at those closest to it.