Friday, 21 May 2010

Caught Exhibition Leeds

Over the past 4 years a unique archive of the Live
Art/ Illustration scene has been created from  
events held in Leeds and across the U.K.
Many of the leading lights in Illustration, Graffiti/Street Art, Design, Film and Animation have passed through our doors and left their indelible marks on board, paper and canvas.
Sune, Inkie, Miss Led, Replete, The Pern, , Pinky, Women 158, DIA 57, Moe, Matt Saunders, Leon D, Graham D.Pilling, Drew Millward, Luke Drozd, Sri McKinnon, Phlegm, Julie West, Will Barras, Garry Milne, 8-Bit, Darkside Farmers, Mr.Gauky, Phill “Philth” Blake, NT4T, Solir, Stu Subism, Crie, Elfin, Will Flawn, Jen-ism, ClumsyKate, Candy, Wen, Two Ducks Disco, Muju, The 5683, Dave “Nicely Sliced” Lynch. Qwerk, Twiy, Mr.Penfold, I-Lib, Brian Okello, Sarah Faunagraphic, Rocket O1, Wispa, Geee187, MailService 541, Curse 273, Candy Lo, Latchkeykid, Lady Rinth, Mr.MN, Hamo, Lispencie, Tasha, Laurie Pink, Bollops, VIP Crew, TPN Crew,
Friispray will be showing there spanking new digital graf kit off at the exhibition opening.